Anti Aging – What is it and How Can You Benefit From It?

The new medical specialty of anti-aging is the fastest growing specialty of medicine!More and more aging people just like you and me are now wanting to halt or even reverse the signs and symptoms of aging, and to enjoy a longer and more youthful life. And now this has most certainly become possible!Anti-aging goes way beyond botox, organic skin care products, face creams, or a relaxing spa treatment. It is more than merely trying to achieve younger looking skin and a nice external complexion. While a nice healthy looking skin is important it is not what true anti-aging is all about.Anti-aging medicineAnti-aging medicine is about extending the human lifespan and also about adding youthfulness and health to those extended years. Real anti-aging involves a combination of medical technologies and therapies used for the early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of age-related disability and disease.Anti-aging is not fiction or fantasy, it is now a reality as more and more people are now understanding that anti-aging is now an accepted medical specialty that will only continue to grow as advanced in medicine continue that will allow you to throw away all those useless skin care products for good!Anti-aging programI believe that a true anti-aging program should address all the causes of aging – physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual, and should include a complete holistic approach to halt and reverse these causes.I strongly believe that the first step towards any anti-aging program should be a complete whole body detoxification. This in my mind is the key to complete health and anti-aging.Without a whole body detoxification, you can take all the anti-aging products, natural skincare products, and use all the latest high tech anti-aging medicine and supplements you like, but you will not achieve complete health or true long term anti-aging.International anti-agingThe growing field of anti-aging is now becoming truly international as now our aging population is looking for solutions to their problem of growing old and weak and sick. Who wants to grow old and slowly watch their body and mind deteriorate? No one is the answer of course!As we age the levels of hormones in our body decline at a rapid rate – which then leads to the signs and symptoms of aging.This combined with a body that is full of toxins and chemicals, rapidly leads to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual deterioration and aging, often at an alarmingly rapid rate.A body full of toxins and chemicals (which in our toxic world is a very common scenario) will sooner than later begin to develop degenerative disease and illness which will further amplify the aging process.Unless a complete whole body detoxification program is commenced immediately, the outlook I believe will be quite poor, no matter what anti-aging program or hormone replacement program is initiated.

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A Nutrition Plan That Works

Why most nutrition plans fail95% of all programs fail because people don’t know what they are and how they work. A nutrition plan is more or less a plan of action. What action is that? Well nutrition plans are created to lose weight, gain muscle mass, lower cholesterol, all sorts of reasons. Whatever the reason you have for needing a plan you have to keep one thing in mind. Nutrition plans are useless without exercise. This one simple fact is the reason most plans fail. People seem to think that if they change their diet that’s all they need and that is just not the truth. So let’s take the most popular plan, weight loss, and let me show you how to make it work for you.Nutrition plans for losing weightThe first key to a weight loss plan is what to eat? There are many weight loss plans out there so I am going to give you some key ingredients to look for so you know you’re getting a good plan. When you’re looking for a good weight loss program you want the food you eat to taste good. I know this goes without saying but I’ve come across some programs where the food you ate really did taste horrible. For a nutrition plan go work, a plan you can stick with, you want to be able to enjoy the food your making. Anything less is a recipe for failure.The second key to a weight loss nutrition plan is you do not want to be cooking any different than you normally cook. What I mean by that is you don’t want to spend any more time on your plan than you usually do making your meals. If you have to spend any more time on a nutrition plan than you usually do you will definitely fail. Making this as unnoticeable as possible to your regular routine is another key factor to success when it comes to changing your diet.The third and final key to a weight loss nutrition plan is exercise. Like I mentioned above, exercise is the single most important factor to nutrition. Now I know when it comes to exercise you’re like me, who wants to spend all day every day in the gym. No one, I guarantee you. The trick to exercise is to make it as enjoyable as possible. One of the few things that I integrate into my exercise program is music. This is a must. This helps to take my mind away from the rigors that are going on in my body. Now that we have our mind fooled into thinking that exercise is fun, it’s time to get to the actual exercise techniques that work every time.Exercise Routine for nutrition plansHaving experience in boot camp and joining the army at an early age I have a program that will take care of your nutrition plan. This program comes directly from the United States military and is effective in the care of your nutrition. The first thing that must be integrated into your plan is you must get in the habit of running. This is one of the top ways to lose weight. I like to very my running different days of the week. It is not healthy and can be quite harmful to run every single day. Now again no one likes to run but you cannot leave this out of your plan. The two things are straight forward. They are push ups and sit ups. I know this seems like a very dull exercise routine but these 3 exercises are the core exercises you need to maintain a healthy and nutritional body. You can add swimming if you like but the point is that the above 3 exercises I mentioned must be included in your plan. Stick to this plan and you will see your nutrition plan will affect your life and you will see changes within the matter of a month.

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Top Fashion Designing College in Mumbai, Best Fashion Designing Colleges

It gives employment opportunities by providing them with career oriented course and additional exposure like Lakme Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Scout.Become a Certified Interior Designer from Best Interior Designing College and Best Fashion Designing Colleges in Mumbai.
Ashok Daryani: Eminent Entrepreneur & Educationalist.
Director-Ivana Multi Designer Store
A much sought after business leader and inspirational figure, Mr. Ashok Daryani is committed to the cause of skilling our youth and ensuring that India is in a position to reap the benefits of its demographic dividend.He is passionate about Design and sees it as an excellent and fulfilling career opportunity for today’s youth.His strategic and prescient vision, elite multi-industry experience, extraordinary leadership qualities, and a sincere commitment to the highest standard of quality do not prevent him from being simple, approachable, gently humorous and avuncular.
Welcome All to the world Fashion, Vashi… I Have Great Pleasure to Introduce Vashi as co- educational renowned college of Navi Mumbai, which was established in 2003 with a vision “To create a distinct environment of excellence in education with human values and social commitment in the modern era where fashion and Interior design industry is growing by leaps and bounds “.
The institute has its affiliation with Italian fashion designing institute I.e Institute Di Moda Burgo, International Institute of Fashion Design, Chandigarh,& Distance Learning Education with Annamalai University, Chennai With its Diploma, Advance Diploma & Degree courses in fashion as well as interior Design. We are proud to offer very high quality education to all students with very well equipped and presentable faculties.
Achivements:13 years plus journey has been significant with 100s of energetic individuals passing out from Inter National Institute of Fashion Design Vashi & Academy of Interiors, Vashi. It has been result oriented because it offers students with rigorous and innovative curriculum taught by faculty who have outstanding academic and industry experience and provides students with a multifaceted educational experience. It aims to take education in fashion and Interior design to the common man in Navi Mumbai. It prepares students for professional excellence in design, fashion/Interior and business by providing the premier educational experience that fosters creativity, career focus and a global perspective.
Vaibhav Kadam
He has a broad-based knowledge from over Eight years of professional experience in architectural and interior design, product knowledge, specification and drafting techniques. He trains and coordinates the administrative and operational support personnel, with the ability to work productively and effectively with all levels of management and a full range of personalities. He has worked as Project Architect at Collaborative Architecture.

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