The Environment and Anti Aging Skin Care

As a major part of your immune system and the largest organ in your body, your skin is just like a shield that’s supposed to protect everything that’s underneath it from everything that the environment throws at it. And just like a shield, it helps protect your body by taking a beating and damage from the environment. The environmental damage not only causes the signs of aging, but it also can make them increase and get worse. For anybody’s anti aging skin care treatment plan, you should be addressing the environment’s impact on your skin. If not, you’re not using the kinds of anti aging products that fully protect your skin.Anti-Aging Skin Products and Sun Damage
The sun is the number one cause of damage to everyone’s skin. There are a number of reasons why: the sun dries out your skin (which can make sun damage worse as it’s harder on your body as you age because your skin won’t be able to hydrate as easily), can cause cancers such as melanoma, and can also cause discoloration such as age and sun spots. Discoloration can either take the form of dark sun spots, or possibly lighter pigmentation that can make your complexion look inconsistent. To help prevent external discoloration, you should be looking for skin care products that provide daily SPF protection of at least fifteen as well as anti aging skin care products that include a safe lightening agent to help fade out sun spots on your face, arms, neck and chest.Anti-Aging Skin Care and Environmental Pollution
No matter where we live in the world – from rural settings to the urban environment – we are increasingly exposed to more and more amounts of pollution in our water and in the air. These pollutants, toxins, and chemicals can increasingly damage your skin in the long term and cause you to look less radiant over time. Simply changing one’s lifestyle to a cleaner one or even using a good wrinkle cream will not reverse the damage that pollution has done, and pollutants are so pervasive they’re impossible to escape completely. A consistent program of detoxification or cleansing will help to reduce and remove some of the pollutants from your body, but you also want to help those cleansings with anti aging skin care products that are rich in minerals and antioxidants to help replenish and help your body combat pollutants. The antioxidants in anti aging skin products help to fight off free radicals in your body that come from pollution and sun exposure that increase the signs of aging.While many signs of aging are caused by the many changes we see in our bodies as we get older, environmental factors like pollution and sun exposure also play a part. The best anti aging care regimen will include products and ingredients specifically designed to combat the environment’s effects on your skin.

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